The Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology "Virtus" was founded in 1991 in Odessa. Founder and Director - Honored Doctor of Ukraine Vladimir Alexandrovich Tsepkolenko. Virtus was the first private clinic of aesthetic medicine in Ukraine. Despite the fact that the clinic was created during the collapse of the country's economic and political system, Virtus was not consciously formed as a clinic for the rich. The fight was for a quality medical service for all.


By 1993 the Virtus Institute had become a scientific and practical center of innovations introduced in aesthetic medicine. Doctors of the clinic have already done muscular face lifts, open rhinoplasty, endoscopic rejuvenating operations. Surgeons of the clinic "Virtus" were the first to conduct operations to increase the breast and apply American implants. Since the mid-1990s, the number of cosmetic aesthetic operations in Ukraine has increased 150-200 times. Since that time and to this day the demand for them is growing.

The Virtus Institute was the first in Eastern Europe to start using laser resurfacing to rejuvenate the face and smooth out its texture. For this purpose, the only laser offered at the market of cosmetology services was the CO2 laser. Then laser resurfacing became a breakthrough in aesthetic surgery. They allowed to abandon the deep phenolic peelings that exert a toxic effect on the body and cause the formation of keloid scars.

The meaning and basis for the further development of aesthetic medicine at the Virtus Institute are research and the introduction of innovations. Virtus is constantly aware of all the world's know-how in plastic surgery and cosmetology. Participates in all high-level congresses, symposiums and organizes and conducts international congresses and master classes on its medical and research base.
Today, the Institute of Plastic Surgery "Virtus" frames for domestic aesthetic medicine.

The direction of the therapeutic activity of the Institute is the provision of outpatient counseling, specialized medical and diagnostic care for reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, the treatment of diseases with external manifestations, surgical and non-surgical methods, correction of congenital and acquired defects.

In the clinic "Virtus" for the first time in Ukraine were performed:
1992 г.

Computer modeling of the results of plastic surgery

1993 г.


1994 г.

Increase of mammary glands by American implants of firm McGhan

1995 г.

Laser facial grinding with CO2 laser

1996 г.

Open predictable rhinoplasty

1997 г.

Endoscopic face lifts

1998 г.

Cold laser resurfacing with ErYAG laser, laser removal of unwanted vessels

1999 г.

Epilation with diode laser

2001 г.

Removing tattoos and pigmentation ruby laser

2004 г.

Intravascular laser coagulation of large diameter veins

2007 г.

Introduction of fractional photothermolysis technology

2008 г.

Body-jet lipomodeling technology

2009 г.

The technology of plasma enriched with platelets in aesthetic medicine has been introduced

Virtus is always one step ahead!


Your health and natural beauty are our top priorities.

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