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Cell technologies in pulmonology
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Cell technologies in pulmonology

COVID-19 affects the entire body, but first of all lungs. Even if a person has suffered this disease in a mild form, its consequences will haunt for a long time. Shortness of breath, lack of air and other problems with the respiratory system will affect everyday life. Add to this the polluted air in large cities and passive smoking, which further worsen the condition of the lungs.

The department is available at branches:
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
  • Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

The VIRTUS Institute of Advanced Medicine is pleased to offer its patients a unique technology of cell therapy for restoring lung health and functionality in people who have undergone COVID-19. We also successfully use patients’ own cells to treat various lung diseases (asthma, emphysema, and others). Using your own cells brings positive results with a minimum of side effects.

Do you want to take a deep breath? Then sign up for a consultation right now. The VIRTUS Clinic of advanced technologies and the best pulmonologists on guard of your health.

Cell-based therapy practice

  • bronchial asthma
  • pneumosclerosis
  • emphysema of the lungs

Tsepkolenko Vladimir Alexandrovich

Head of VIRTUS Institute and SmartCell Biotechnology Company
Work experience (years): 48
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

Bobrik Lyudmila Mikhailovna

Work experience (years): 45
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B

Consultation for treatment using stem cells


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