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Cell technologies in anti-age therapy
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Cell technologies in anti-age therapy

After 30 years, the human body begins to age. Even despite a healthy lifestyle and the absence of bad habits. Constant fatigue, loss of strength, weak immunity, burnout syndrome — all these are the consequences of body aging.

The department is available at branches:
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
  • Odessa, Bunina, 10
  • Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

The VIRTUS Institute of Advanced Medicine offers its patients a unique anti-age therapy using their own stem cells. Within a few weeks after the first procedure, you will notice positive changes. The use of cell replacement therapy with own stem cells allows you to replenish the volume of your own stem cells. The result of the procedure will be a comprehensive rejuvenation of the body: you will forget about fatigue, insomnia, loss of strength and other manifestations of aging of the body.

This method has passed all the necessary tests and is recognized as absolutely safe. The treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis, so you do not have to take a sick leave. Do you want to feel youth again in body and soul? Then sign up for a consultation right now.

Cell-based therapy practice

  • treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • restoration of immunity

Tsepkolenko Vladimir Alexandrovich

Head of VIRTUS Institute and SmartCell Biotechnology Company
Work experience (years): 48
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

Consultation for treatment using stem cells


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