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Dermatosurgery. EducationDermatosurgery. Education

Dermatosurgery. Education

The Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS is the place where science finds its practical application.
We are the clinical base of the Department of Dermatovenerology, Allergology and Clinico-laboratorial Immunology of the P.L. Shupik National University of Health Care of Ukraine.

And now, on the basis of the Institute of advanced medicine VIRTUS, for the first time in Ukraine, has been started the enrollment for training for a new medical specialization – dermatosurgery. The corresponding training program for medical specialists was approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Until recently, such a specialty as dermatosurgery did not officially exist in Ukraine. This opportunity was created thanks to the efforts of a professor of the Department of dermatovenerology, Allergology and clinico-laboratorial Immunology of the P.L. Shupik National University of Health Care of Ukraine (NUHCU), head of the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tsepkolenko.

The team of scientists led by the head of the department, doctor of Medical Sciences, Alexander Ivanovich Litus took part in the creation of the training program. Thanks to his active participation, Ukrainian dermatovenerologists will now have theoretical knowledge and practical skills that meet high European and international standards.

Who can take part in the training?

We invite colleagues having the basic education in the specialty of “dermatovenerology” to get the training. We are waiting for both graduates of medical universities and practitioners who want to find new, popular theoretical and practical skills.

What does the curriculum include?

The comprehensive training program in the specialty of “dermatosurgery” at the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS provides not only theoretical training, but also practical skills development under the guidance of our leading specialists. The training program includes important aspects of theoretical knowledge in such areas as dermatology, dermatosurgery, allergology, immunology, as well as practical skills in the following areas:

  • modern methods of invasive and non-invasive skin diagnostics (in particular, dermatooncological diseases and age-related skin changes)
  • treatment of various dermatological diseases (in particular, oncological) by non-surgical and surgical methods, including the use of high-energy lasers, radio wave surgery, cryosurgery, laser dermatosurgery
  • injection technologies: contouring, correction of various aesthetic defects, asymmetry of the face and body using modern injection technologies, including lipofilling, liposuction and other surgical technologies used by plastic surgeons
  • cell therapy – collection and transplantation of the patient’s own (autologous) stem cells for the treatment of dermatological diseases and skin rejuvenation

The doctor who has got the training in “dermatosurgery ” will be able to correctly interpret the results of histological and morphological studies of biopsy material and choose the optimal treatment tactics: surgical (removal with a scalpel, laser) or non-surgical. This is the most serious and relevant part of the curriculum, since cancer treatment requires adequate resiedency training.

The new specialty “dermatosurgery” also addresses the issue of Aesthetic Medicine. After all, age – related skin changes are a medical dermatological diagnosis, and today we can talk not just about correcting age-related changes, but their treatment. By putting the therapeutic function at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, we can preserve the youthfulness of the skin by influencing its structure, and not just externally.

Doctors of the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS not only help patients, but are also teaching assistants at the Department of Dermatovenerology, Allergology and clinico-laboratorial Immunology of the P.L. Shupik National University of Health Care of Ukraine.

They will share their practical skills with students in the fields of Dermatology, dermatological diagnostics, dermatosurgery and minimally invasive plastic surgery.

Students will spend the practical part of their training under the guidance of leading specialists of the VIRTUS Clinic:

The basics surgical skills will be taught by:

Our Specialists in Kiev Medical Center, also take part in the practical training of students:

  • Elena Vladimirovna Esaulenko (dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist)

Training in the specialty of “dermatosurgery ” is held on the regular basis at the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS in Odessa.

The Institute also accepts and processes documents for admission, as well as payment. The documents will be sent to Shupik NUHCU in Kyiv.

We would like our students to be as much as possible involved in medical practice, so there will be up to 10 people in each group. Working daily under the guidance of our leading specialists, students will get the necessary knowledge and practical skills. This will be facilitated not only by the experience and professionalism of our doctors, but also by the wide material and technical facilities of the Institute VIRTUS.

The following training modalities are available (may vary depending on the epidemic situation with COVID-19):

  • full-time
  • full-time and part-time (with practical skills at the VIRTUS Institute of Advanced Medicine)
  • remote (for the duration of quarantine)

After completing their studies, students will pass the final exam and receive a state-issued certificate. There are plans to introduce an elective course with the involvement of foreign specialists in aesthetic medicine, thus those who study with us in the area of “dermatosurgery” can simultaneously receive certificate of European-style specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.

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