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Laser technologies
Laser technologies-1

Laser technologies

In order to look young not only when we are 20, but even at the age of 30, 40, and 50 (what is possible today) it does not take a lot to do: love your own body and take good care of it. Modern scientific medical achievements, specifically laser cosmetology, successfully resolve this task, therefore approaching our dream.

The department is available at branches:
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
  • Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

Best representatives of scientific society in the field of cosmetology and dermatology united their efforts to support anti-aging skin therapy in the course of pursuing the man’s long-nurtured dream to stay young and good looking. The result of such a work is the development of complex approach to rejuvenation using advanced laser technologies that allow excellent results without scalpel.

Many modern show business, and fashion model stars as well as opinion leaders have long ago realized the advantages of basic methods of rejuvenation and laser correction and now we can see and admire their beauty. Therefore, if just yesterday laser technologies were meant for privileged ones, today such medical care is available to practically everyone!

Specialists of the Institute of plastic surgery VIRTUS came forth as sort of pioneers, and become the first in the country who introduced advanced laser technologies in esthetic medicine and remain to stay the acknowledged leaders in this sphere. We do not wish to rest on the laurels of our achievements and constantly suggest new and improved treatment methods.

Nowadays the unique combination of laser and cell technologies helps to keep skin young not only on its surface but at its functional level as well.

Clinic VIRTUS maintains the largest laser equipment stock in Ukraine manufactured in Europe, Japan and Germany what allows choosing the proper type of laser or their combination in order to provide guaranteed result and real personalized approach in resolving each patient’s problems.


Laser cosmetology presents us with the chance to get rid of many appearance problems and stop hiding away existing disadvantages under clothing so to resolve them completely and unveil one’s own beauty to admire for the whole world!

However even most up-to-date equipment may become anti-effective in unpracticed hands. That is the reason why more and more people in Ukraine choose Institute VIRTUS to experience real personalized approach to every patient that guarantees excellent result!

The desired epilation effect as well as removal of tattoos can be achieved by combined application of different types of laser. Optimal combination of lasers is chosen individually by the clinic VIRTUS doctor and depends on skin type and patient’s hair color.

Laser epilation

Laser epilation – is currently one of the safest and effective ways of hair removal. Skin pigment melanin contained in the hair follicle gets heated as a result of laser influence destructing the follicle which resolves afterwards. In cases of normal hormonal balance, it takes 3-4 procedures to get rid of unwanted hair. In other cases, the treatment course may take longer but positive result is guaranteed anyways.

Two key laser parameters are the fluence and wavelength. The latter parameter determines the level of laser sensitivity to melanin, the skin pigment that absorbs infrared rays. Combination of required fluence level and wavelength is directly related to the epilation and tattoo removal effectiveness.

  • Ruby laser has a relatively short wavelength and actively absorbed by melanin. Its key feature is the possibility to be used only for dark hair and only for fair skin. In case of dark skin, the destructed melanin at treatment sites creates light spots on skin.
  • Аlexandrite laser is used for dark hair and dark skin epilation. Alexandrite laser wavelengths can be set up in the range of 700 – 820 nm, and depends on the pigment color and procedure purposes, what makes it highly effective both for epilation and correction of esthetic problems.
  • Diode laser – light emitting diode and powerful current pumping allow to perform epilation even at very dark skin areas most effectively, what makes this type of laser very popular in southern countries. Diode laser wavelength is around 800 nm.
  • Neodymium laser is associated with high fluence and considerable wavelength of 1080 nm allowing it to deeply penetrate the skin layers and destroy the hair follicles. This type of laser can be used for fair hair epilation in all types of skin. Moreover, it is widely used in non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedures (laser heating).

Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation – modern method of skin ageing control by means of laser treatment. This is an effective treatment procedure that helps to get rid of numerous existing signs of ageing skin.

Laser rejuvenation results:

  • Healthy, uniform skin color;
  • Wrinkles correction;
  • Pores contraction;
  • Removal of vascular formations;
  • Removal of pigmentations;
  • Removal of scarring;
  • Soft and velvety skin.

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is often used as an alternative lifting and deep peeling procedures. The key point of the operation is evaporation of superficial skin layer by means of CO2 or Erbium laser and collagen skin fibers exposure to infrared ray.

Controlled inflammation results in starting the mechanisms of skin regeneration so it becomes smooth, firm and elastic. The effect lasts up to 6 months.

Advantages of this method:

  • Non-contact removal of epidermis reduces to nothing any risk of infection; thermal effect of the resurfacing provides additional skin disinfection;
  • Possibility to predict precisely the depth of the resurfacing due to the technical characteristics of the equipment.

Tattoo removal

For tattoo removal Clinic VIRTUS uses the famous brand «Asclepion» which is indisputable leader in the field of laser technologies. «Asclepion» production efficiency has been approved by world level experts and repeatedly received positive responses from patients in clinics all over the world.

Tattoo removal is performed by means of laser system with very short nanosecond impulse. In this way it is one of the best options is Q-switched laser.

  • Q-switch Ruby laser (wavelength – 694) effectively removes black and blue tattoo pigments.
  • Alexandrite laser (wavelength – 775 nm) – golden standard of modern laser technology for tattoo removal. It is also highly effective for black and blue ink and capable of removing one of the most difficult ones – green color.
  • Neodymium laser – another professional tattoo removal instrument, which can penetrate deeply into the skin surface. It is widely used to remove black ink.
  • Nd:YAG laser can be used to remove red color pigment. Combination of its waves show high efficiency in removing most of tattoo types even most difficult residual tattoos.

Advantages of laser tattoo removal:

  • Noninvasiveness;
  • Pain-free;
  • No postoperative scarring;
  • Short recovery time.

Removal of new growths

Skin new growths removal is performed by means of tissue ablation and coagulation. This effect helps to avoid bleeding and offers fast, scarring free recovery as well as quick removal of many types of skin new growths.

The equipment used by clinic «Virtus» for these purposes does not cause side effects and offers individualized parameters selection approach.

Venous lakes removal

The procedure is performed by special vascular dye laser due to the risk of spots or residual brown scarring after by other laser types.

This approach enables easy removal of capillary net on the face, legs, hemangiomas (vascular tumors). Vascular walls during the treatment stick together, circulation stops locally and the blood capillary resolves after a certain time. It takes 1-2 treatments to remove spider naevus and 5-10 treatments for hemangiomas.

Advantages: on the contrary to electrocoagulation or freezing, vascular dye laser does not hurt skin. This is an optimal way of removing hemangiomas in children thanks to being painless and scarless.

Removal of pigmentations

Most commonly this problem is treated by combined techniques such as microdermabrasion, chemical and laser peeling. However, the most effective and atraumatic option is German made 964 nm ruby laser.

This laser effectively removes epidermal and dermal pigmental formations. The laser produces proper wavelength which affects only melanin skin pigment.

The laser affected part of skin absorbs the light wave which destroys high melanin concentration. After the procedure, pigmentation becomes lighter or disappears completely. In the course of the treatment, the patient may feel slight burning and prickling sensation which can be excluded using local anesthesia.

Scarring removal. Clinic «Virtus» uses the latest models of Ruby and Erbium lasers that proved to be highly effective and fast for this type of problem. The doctor chooses optimal laser type for each patient and then removes pathological scarring tissue by means of laser. As a result, we achieve increased synthesis of elastin and collagen at the treated sites. The treatment lasts 30 min.

Dimitrova Irina Anatolyevna

Dimitrova Irina Anatolyevna

Dermatologist, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist
Work experience (years): 19
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
Tsepkolenko Anna Vladimirovna

Tsepkolenko Anna Vladimirovna

Dermatologist, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist
Work experience (years): 21
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
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