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Tympanoplasty is a plastic reconstruction of the bones of the middle ear that can be performed either under local or general anesthesia. It allows arresting inflammation and restoration of anatomical positions of the small bones responsible for the sound conduction from the ear drum to the inner ear. The surgery ends with the reconstruction of tympanic membrane (myringoplasty).

VIRTUS: special approaches

The surgery repeatedly proved its high effectiveness in treating diminished hearing: the hearing function improvement is observed in 60% of adult patients and in 80% of children. This is due to the fact that comments regarding tympanoplasty are mostly positive.

The degree of improvement in many ways depends on the nature of the disease and the quality level of this complicated surgery performance that imposes special requirements to the level of surgeon’s competence.

Virtus: special approaches

Thanks to the close cooperation with biotechnological company «SmartCell», the clinic currently provides with access to the new ways of hearing restoration using cell technologies.

In order to accelerate the postoperative regenerative processes, we recommend AMC therapy. It represents the individual program with 5 times higher practical effectiveness comparing to traditional treatment approaches. The program is based on autologous growths factors and olgopeptides application, extracted from patients’ platelets in maximal concentration.

Besides, Virtus clinic patients may be offered own-developed patented method of closing eardrum perforations using bioimplants, compatible with PRP or AMC therapy. Nowadays it is a unique possibility of effective problem solution without foreign materials.

Types of Tympanoplasty

Specialists classify tympanoplasty operations depending on the character and degree of sound-conducting system damage.

We distinguish the following types of tympanoplasty:

  • myringoplasty – performed to correct dry eardrum perforation. Thanks to the high ossicles mobility, the procedure is limited by plastic reconstruction and injury closure;
  • middle ear cavity sanation – important in cases of inflammatory processes of the middle ear not affecting ossicular structures. It includes removal of granulation tissue, altered parts of the bones, choliastomas, polyps, reconstruction of ear drum structure integrity;
  • auditory ossicles reconstruction – indicated in cases of purulent inflammatory processes and is performed by means of cartilaginous grafts, bones, plastic, cement, metal (steel, tantalum, titanium), ear cavity sanation and ear drum injury closure;
  • Reconstruction of the tympanic cavity – performed in case of surfaces fusion inside the middle ear cavity (past disease consequences) using the eardrum particles and connective tissues grafts.

Quite often, the invasion subtypes may be combined into one surgery. The operation cost is determined individually.

  • Autofascia temporal muscle (due to the similarity of elastic and collagen fibers content to the ear drum middle layer);
  • chondro-perichondrial ear cavity transplants;
  • allotransplants;
  • vein wall;
  • amnion;
  • periosteum;
  • ear drum allotransplants;
  • cornea etc.

The material selection is performed considering maximum stability of neotympanic membrane along with its elasticity rate sufficient for sound conductivity.

In case of extensive otosurgery defects, multilayer transplants are used to exclude the flap retraction into the tympanic cavity.

Eardrum perforation using bioimplant

Tympanoplasty price assessment is based on the chosen treatment approach.

More detailed information about the VIRTUS clinic patented less traumatic method of closing eardrum perforation using bioimplant:

The doctor administers patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) mixed with 2% solution of hyaluronic acid respectively enriched by succinic acid compound of 1-1,5 ml into the ear, followed by scarification of the perforated edge sand then placing into its lumen the autologous fat tissue implant harvested from the earlobe and fitting the size of perforation».

Afterwards the skin of the external auditory pathway together with attico-mastoid are infiltrated with platelet rich plasma at the rate of 5-7 ml, filling the external auditory pathway with the combination of PRP and 2% solution of hyaluronic acid until complete closure and then aseptic dressing is applied.

Having at our disposal this effective technology of closing eardrum perforation, Virtus clinic specialists could not stay away from active participation in treating military personnel who suffered acoustic traumas in ATO zone. (combat veterans in the area of Debaltsevo cauldron).

Modern weapons may often cause various hearing disorders, so called acoustic traumas. Some patients may experience ear drum perforation accompanied by otopyosis therefore necessitating additional medication therapy to the general treatment.

The Institute of Plastic surgery Virtus is comprised of the best specialists in Ukraine, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Every patient is treated exceptionally in strict adherence to diagnostic and treatment norms and standards.

Professional consultations of VIRTUS clinic specialists are available at the following cities: Kiev, Odessa, Kherson, Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolayev, Dnepr.

List of indications for Tympanoplasty

  • diminished hearing, as a result of sound-conducting apparatus disorder;
  • adhesive otitis media;
  • chronic purulent inflammatory processes;
  • eardrum perforation;
  • mezo-, attic disease;
  • choliastoma.


  • chronic otitis flare;
  • intracranial, labyrinth complications;
  • development of intracranial or septicopyemic complication of ear disease;
  • eustachean tube obstruction.
  • high degree of sound-conducting structures damage
Pre-operative consideration
  • ENT doctor visual inspection, identification of the middle ear localized infection, treatment of adenoids (if present);
  • administration of a number of tests for careful examination of auditory analyzer and detection of the level of necessary surgical treatment (test using artificial tympanal membrane);
  • audiometry and ear inflation;
  • ECG, photofluorography, medical report;
  • Hearing test, CT;
  • Laboratory tests (general blood count and urinalysis, biochemistry).

During the preparation stage patients get general tonic therapy, ventilation and hearing functions of the auditory tube improvement, middle ear drug sanitation performed.


The average duration of postoperative recovery period is 2-4 weeks. During that period patients should avoid:

  • careless nose blow, sneezing;
  • fluid penetration into the ear;
  • air travels, water pools, diving, mountain hiking;
  • excessive physical loads.
  • almost complete hearing restoration;
  • tympanophony elimination;
  • prevention of water penetration inside middle ear;
  • complete epidermization of operated cavities.
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