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Maxillofacial surgery
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Maxillofacial surgery

The department of maxillofacial surgery of the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS in Odessa and Kiev offers treatment of various pathologies of the face, jaws and oral cavity, as well as the head and neck. We use both modern surgical techniques and the possibilities of regenerative medicine – cell therapy (stem cells, platelets).

The department is available at branches:
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B

Virtus is the only clinic in Ukraine in which not only the patient’s own bone tissue, but also titanium structures are used to replace defects in the bones of the facial skeleton during reconstructive operations.

The reception of patients is conducted by a doctor of the highest category, a dentist, a maxillofacial surgeon Vasily Anatolyevich Rybak (20 years of professional experience). Vasily Anatolyevich is a member of the Association of Osteosynthesis of the Maxillofacial Region (AOCMF), vice-president of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI) and author of more than 20 scientific papers.

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Indications and contraindications for surgery in the maxillofacial area

It is necessary sign for the maxillofacial surgeon appointment in cases of:

  • fracture of the upper or lower jaw, zygomatic bone or other injuries, as well as acute inflammatory process (abscesses, boils, carbuncles)
  • the presence of the face or neck neoplasms
  • sleep apnea syndrome (short-term respiratory arrest during sleep, snoring)
  • inflammation of the salivary glands
  • gum pain accompanied by edema
  • preparation for dental implantation
  • the need to remove complex wisdom teeth (incorrectly or not fully erupted)
  • pain in the tooth, which can shoot up in the ear
  • the presence of chin defects (very small or too pronounced)
  • fracture, tooth dislocation
  • congenital defects — cleft upper lip and palate (“cleft lip”, “cleft palate”)
  • post-burn scar deformities of the face and neck

Contraindications to surgery in the maxillofacial region are divided into relative and absolute. Their list in each specific case is determined by the surgeon individually.

What does a maxillofacial surgeon do?

  • Treatment of diseases of the temporomandibular joint
  • Treatment of diseases of the maxillary sinuses
  • Treatment of diseases of large and small salivary glands
  • Bone grafting of the maxillofacial region
  • Traumatology of the maxillofacial region
  • Cheiloplasty — surgical lip plastic surgery
  • Genioplasty (mentoplasty) – chin plastic surgery
  • Plastic surgery of cheekbones and ears
  • Preparation for maxillofacial area surgery

Preparation for the surgery of the maxillofacial area begins with an appointment with a maxillofacial surgeon

Then, the patient undergoes a standard preoperative examination to assess the general state of health and identify possible contraindications for the operation. There is also a consultation with anesthesiologist.

Stages and methods of maxillofacial surgery

The stages of maxillofacial operations differ depending on the type of surgical intervention. Approximate algorithm of maxillofacial surgery:

  1. Anesthesia (general anesthesia).
  2. Creating access. When a neoplasm is removed, for example, in the maxillary sinus, after the tumor is isolated, the blood vessels feeding it are ligated. Then the tumor is removed, and the blood supply to local tissues is restored. When replacing defects in the bones of the facial skeleton, two teams of surgeons work simultaneously. While one is preparing the defect zone, the second extracts a block from the pelvic bone and makes a graft of the right size and shape from it. Then the structure is inserted and fixed.
  3. The incision is sutured. If necessary, a bandage is applied on top.
    The duration of maxillofacial surgery depends on the type and volume of surgical intervention. After the operation, the patient is taken to the postoperative observation ward.

What will happen without surgery

If you do not perform surgery for inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial system, the infection will spread to nearby tissues. Sinusitis can lead to such dangerous complications as meningitis (inflammation of the brain membranes), otitis media (inflammation of the outer or middle ear) and other pathologies.

Popular question

What does a maxillofacial surgery doctor do?

The maxillofacial surgeon treats fractures and teeth dislocations, deformities of the bones of the facial skeleton, bite correction, surgical removal of flux (purulent inflammation of the gum and periosteum of the tooth), abscesses, boils in the face and neck. The maxillofacial surgeon can also perform chin plastic surgery (mentoplasty), lips (cheiloplasty) and auricles.

Service or type of diagnosticsOdessa
Sudnobudivna, 1B
Kostiantynivska, 57
Service or type of diagnostics
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
  • Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57
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Maxillofacial surgery
Консультация челюстно-лицевого хирурга750600
Повторная консультация челюстно-лицевого хирурга500
Оперативное вмешательство 1 категории сложности челюстно-лицевого хирурга (медицинские изделия оплачиваются дополнительно)16000
Оперативное вмешательство 2 категории сложности челюстно-лицевого хирурга32000
Оперативное вмешательство 3 категории сложности челюстно-лицевого хирурга50000
Оперативное вмешательство 4 категории сложности челюстно-лицевого хирурга100000
Дентальная имплантация (входит стоимость одного имплантата)14000

Services in department «Maxillofacial surgery»

  • Modern anesthesia
  • Сost of the operation
  • Treatment of fractures of the orbital walls
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Orbit Surgery
  • Computer modeling and manufacturing of individual maxillofacial implants
  • Treatment of maxillofacial injuries
  • Treatment of fractures of the facial skeleton with the use of modern methods of osteosynthesis
  • Treatment of skeletal malocclusion
  • Treatment of congenital and acquired defects and deformities of the bones of the facial skull
  • Treatment of endocrine orbitopathy (Graves’ orbitopathy)
  • Treatment of fractures of the zygomatic complex
  • Treatment of fractures of the upper jaw
  • Treatment of fractures of the lower jaw
  • Treatment of arthritis of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Treatment of tumors and tumor-like formations of the head and neck
  • Treatment of calculous sialodenitis
  • Treatment of sialoadenitis
  • Treatment of odontogenic sinusitis
  • Treatment of abscesses of the maxillofacial region
  • Treatment of medical osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ)
  • Treatment of osteomyelitis
  • Treatment of periostitis
  • Treatment of jaw cysts (follicular, radicular, residual)
  • Treatment of facial boils
  • Treatment of facial carbuncles
  • Treatment of lymphadenitis
  • Treatment of missing teeth
  • Treatment of gum recession
  • Treatment of dystopia and retention of wisdom teeth
  • Reconstructive operations on the bones of the facial skeleton, elimination of post-traumatic deformities of the skull, upper, middle and lower areas of the face


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