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Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery-1

Plastic Surgery

The primary goal of our team is achieving visible effect, that is making You look more beautiful and younger. Plastic surgery treatment without any traces «That’s all thanks to the healthful climate of Odessa …» – you will reply to all compliments!

Invisible operation. Visible effect

For many years VIRTUS Clinic has been an advanced medical platform in the sphere of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Nowadays at the service of our patients all modern technical and technological capacities for making healthy and beautiful faces and bodies. Our highly experienced specialists perfectly master a variety plastic surgery techniques of any complexity.

The main advantage of VIRTUS is the possibility of simultaneous application several anti-aging technologies. We also know how to solve several tasks in a single operation, e.g., cure snoring and rejuvenate the face; repair functional breathing disorders and correct the shape of the nose.

We take guidance from the practices of the renowned world specialists and continuously develop our skills. Just now VIRTUS is the one of the first medical centers that offers terrific opportunities for the regenerative medicine! We can treat complicated diseases and restore the structures and functions of the damaged organs using the potential of patients’ own cells.

Nowadays the rejuvenation procedures with the aid of cell therapy make a sizeable portion of VIRTUS activity. When injecting fibroblast cells cultivated in our laboratory (specifically responsible for skin turgor and smoothness), we and our patients observe surprising results: wrinkles are smoothed and pigmented spots are removed; we treat after-burn scars and restore skin elasticity.

Cell technologies are absolutely safe and are compatible with other methods applied in cosmetic, plastic and aesthetic surgery. Your practitioner will help You to choose the most effective combination of techniques for rejuvenation and correction of skin defects.

Any surgery requires a special preparation

It is important to remember that any surgery requires a special preparation and should be performed as medically indicated and in a specialized clinic where real professionals will take care of your health.


For nearly 30 years the doctors of VIRTUS Institute restore health and beauty. Our work is reflected not in promotional videos but in tens of thousands happy patients, who spread word-of-mouth information! Operations performed by our surgeons withstood the test of time – true reason for a professional pride!

Throughout its history, Institute VIRTUS relies on the best plastic surgeons only. From time to time the Institute welcomes renowned surgeons from France, Germany, Baltic states and Ukraine who share their experience and perform surgeries here. Thanks to such an approach the clinic has gained inside the country and abroad the reputation of hosting in VIRTUS the most talented surgeons!

In order to have a perfect command of all advanced techniques our surgeons take continuous trainings. Vladimir Tsepkolenko, the founder of the Institute, personally monitors that the VIRTUS doctors meet the highest professional standards. In our clinic each plastic surgeon has appropriate certificate – that is one of the key distinctions of our specialists. We are proud of our plastic surgeons!

Why more than 10,000 patients have entrusted their appearance to our specialists?

  • Proprietary techniques
  • Safety of the performed operations
  • Daily practice in the operating rooms
  • Natural results
  • No traces of the performed interventions
  • VIRTUS is advertised by word of mouth and in numerous references

Trust the certified plastic surgeons only!

Sign up for an appointment with experienced plastic surgeon who performs 40 operations per month.

Safety comes first!

VIRTUS Institute guarantees safety to its patients both from the aesthetic and medical viewpoints. What makes us so sure?

The main principle of our activity is: we do not perform procedures or operations that may threaten our patients’ health. Only reliable techniques! Only proven methods! Since the foundation of the clinic one of the key tasks we have set is creation of full-cycle diagnostic and treatment centre where each treatment stage is controlled by specialists.

Today, VIRTUS is a multidisciplinary clinic which has all necessary facilities to provide safe and qualified medical care:

  • Modern equipment that complies with the highest standards of the advanced world clinics
  • Operating rooms are equipped with life-supporting control systems
  • Own resuscitation department – the clinic has 4 full-time Anesthesiologists-Reanimatologists
  • ReHub — a post-operative care unit where patients are continuously monitored
  • Access to all possible diagnostic and treatment resources of the leading world clinics
  • Fault-proof choice of treatment strategy, specifically surgery
  • Safe anaesthesia and equipment which minimizes number of the injected medication doses
  • Contacts with the expert level doctors – if required, we arrange task force team to treat the most serious diseases
  • Balanced system for prevention of the thromboembolic complications. Obligatory check of vein conditions before and after each operation
  • We spare neither time nor resourses for prevention of post-operative complications – their number in VIRTUS is approaching to zero
  • In our work we use sterile disposable instruments and are confident in their high quality
  • We prefer less traumatic techniques – lasers and plasma scalpels make it possible to operate quickly and bloodlessly

Wish to see
Before and After

Results of our operations and procedures convince better than any words. Judge for yourself!

Кадочников Сергей Валерьевич

Plastic surgeon
Work experience (years): 15
14 лет успешной практики, более 10 000 пластических и реконструктивных операций
Receives patients at branches: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

Корнієнко Олександр Євгенович

Plastic surgeon
Work experience (years): 15
(Українська) Більш 10 000 пластичних і реконструктивних операцій
Receives patients at branches: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57

Єргієва Марина Ігорівна

Plastic surgeon, phlebologist
Work experience (years): 11
Receives patients at branches: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B

Саркісян Арман Грайровіч

Plastic surgeon
Work experience (years): 6
Receives patients at branches: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Odessa, Bunina, 10

Бондар Олександр Вадимович

Work experience (years): 12
Receives patients at branches: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B

Кушніренко Наталія Леонідівна

OBGYN, gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon, doctor with ultrasound diagnostics
Work experience (years): 22
Receives patients at branches: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B

Plastic surgery services

Facial surgery and rejuvenation

Bioimplanting (Lipofilling)

Blepharoplasty (eyelids rejuvenation)

  • Epicanthus plasty (Asian plasty)


  • Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Hand microsurgery


Rhinoplasty (nose plasty)

  • Tip correction surgery
  • Nasal reduction
  • Nasal wings plastic surgery
  • Correction of a hump on/in the nose
  • Secondary rhinoplasty (correction of primary nose operations)

Recovery from injuries and correction after failed operations

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