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Lipofilling of the Lips

Lipofilling of the Lips

Full, sensitive lips are a natural decoration (ornamentation) of female appearance. However, the nature has its own plans as for everyone’s individual look. Besides, even the most ideal lips can lose their volume due to the ageing changes.

The service is available in branches:
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
  • Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57
Lipofilling of the Lips

Thanks to the innovative cosmetology methods, we have the chance to correct our appearance and keep nice looks for a long time!

The era of silicone fillers has come to its end and been replaced by radically new game-changing approach to appearance correction.

Lips lipofilling – is 100% natural, safe and extremely effective way of lips volume and shape correction, configuring unparalleled charming look and implying exceptionally natural materials application – own fat cells.


Specific features of fat tissue enable stable turgor and providing long lasting treatment result.

Presented approach to the appearance correction was approved by leading European specialists and repeatedly demonstrated excellent practical results.

Innovative approaches in VIRTUS

Clinic VIRTUS was the first clinic in Ukraine to introduce cell technologies, successfully combining them with traditional methods of plastic surgery.

The significant part of successful work is based on close partnership with biotechnological company SmartCell, equipped with everything necessary for effective introduction of advanced medical techniques into current practice simply today! Although Traditional rejuvenation procedures improve skin appearance state, they can not rejuvenate it in the truest sense of the word. Proper result can be achieved only by setting in motion both rejuvenative and regenerative processes of human organism.

Combination of traditional methods (microcurrent lifting, mesotherapy and filler injections, ultrasound lifting etc.) with neofibrolifting (patented regimens of vital and active cells concentration, allowing guaranteed, natural and long-lasting result), AMC – therapy (application of individual growth factors, obtained from human own plasma), lost volume reconstruction by means of bioimplant gives our plastic surgeons opportunity to achieve impressive results, taking plastic surgery to a higher level of quality.

Worth mentioning that we are talking about natural, absolutely safe and non-operative ways of the renewal of youth, with effectiveness that beats all records. Just a few years ago such results were difficult to imagine!

Regenerative technologies allow not just wrinkles removal and other skin flaws correction, but reconstruction of the young skin qualities – physiological balance and natural renewal processes of its middle layer. Nowadays this approach is considered to be the only reasonable solution for real rejuvenation.

Contraindications to the lips lipofilling procedure:

Even such a natural procedure as lipofilling has some contraindications:

  • heat;
  • lips area inflammation;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • blood-clotting disorder;
  • blood diseases;
  • blood vessel diseases;
  • oncology diseases.

Prior to the procedure, patients are required to complete some (not a lot) physical examinations.

Lips lipofilling advantages

  • excellent alternative to traditional methods of plastic surgery;
  • high efficiency;
  • totally natural consistency of tissues, filled with own fat cells;
  • Over 80% of fat cells are fully accepted with gradual blood vessels saturation thus providing natural functioning of the «renewed» tissues;
  • result persistency;
  • minimally invasive;
  • pain free (the procedure is performed under general anesthesia);
  • short time procedure (1hr- 1 hr 30 min);
  • safety – absence of allergic and other negative reactions;
  • Excellent esthetic result – natural, well-proportioned contours;
  • the procedure goes perfectly well with other cosmetology procedures, for example microcurrent and ultrasound lifting, mesotherapy, laser rejuvenation, own fibroblasts


  • Just on the next day after the lipofilling treatment the patient can return to the regular life activities;
  • there is a chance of some swelling on the 2-3rd day after the treatment, not causing a serious discomfort and get completely resolved in a week;
  • the areas of harvesting large amounts of fat tissue may develop some buising;
  • it is recommended to abstain from taking baths or visit saunas during 2-3 weeks.

Let’s remind that, Ukrainian clinic Virtus offers highly professional consultations at its offices in Kiev, Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson, Kharkov and Dnepr

Innovative technologies that allow your appearance to get closer to the ideal, have become more accessible today!

Price for lips lipofilling

It is worth noting that the price for lips lipofilling in comparison with alternative methods of correction (for example volumization by means of gel fillers) mentioned earlier, may vary due to a number of factors, for example a certain amount of surgeon’s workload or a set of preliminary examinations, that also influence the overall price.

However the price level for lips fat-graft voulmization is 100% fair, for this method has a number of undeniable advantages over the traditional ones. Many years of training and practice of Virtus clinic specialists ensure desired result and there is no place for any compromises here!

Take a look to assess the remarkable results of this new approach on the presented photos, the best illustrative example of our plastic surgeons’ standard of work.

The reasons why you can trust VIRTUS clinic
  • active use of advanced plastic surgery methods based on scientific approaches to rejuvenation and appearance correction;
  • personalized approach: optimal combination of methods based on the results of complex diagnostics, considering individual organism peculiarities and general health state;
  • advanced surgical hospital facilities, endoscopic and laser equipment of Italian and German manufacturers;
  • combination of surgical methods and intensive cosmetology capabilities;
  • team work of surgeons representing different specialties;
  • regular seminars and courses of advanced studies;
  • most up-to-date diagnostic methods (dermatoscopy, ultrasound examination and Doppler sonography;
  • strict efficiency control of prescribed therapeutic and cosmetology techniques;
  • a number of patents for own inventions.

Wish to see Before and After examples?

Results of our operations and procedures convince better than any words. Judge for yourself!

Wish to see
Before and After

Results of our operations and procedures convince better than any words. Judge for yourself!

How does this procedure work at the Institute of plastic surgery VIRTUS?

SmartCell biotechnological laboratory specialists together with doctors of Virtus institute developed and patented the technology of preparation autologous bioimplants, allowing to obtain guaranteed stable results as well as improve the skin quality at the site of administration.

Fat Grafting for lip augmentation procedure implies 3 steps:

  • Lipoaspiration of the required amount of fat cells from the sites of their excessive accumulation via micro skin tissue puncture using cannula and Body-jet device, in order to avoid fat cells deformation and preserve their integrity;
  • Bioimplant preparation at SmartCell biotechnological lab: processing and careful washing of the substance controlled by specialists according to the patented technology that guarantees high quality of biomplant;
  • Implant administration into the recipient area. The substance is injected in a linear pattern using small portions at acute angle to the lips skin surface at full length parallel to the fold. Such approach promotes the best retention and prevents excessive resorption of the fat.
Kadochnikov Sergiy Valerievich

Kadochnikov Sergiy Valerievich

Plastic surgeon
Work experience (years): 18. Completed over 10 000 plastic and reconstructive operations.
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
Kornienko Alexandr Evgenievich

Kornienko Alexandr Evgenievich

Plastic surgeon
Work experience (years): 18. Completed over 10 000 plastic and reconstructive operations
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
Sarkisyan Arman Grairovich

Sarkisyan Arman Grairovich

Plastic surgeon
Work experience (years): 9
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57
Service or type of diagnostics Odessa
Sudnobudivna, 1B
Kostiantynivska, 57
Service or type of diagnostics
  • Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B
  • Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57
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