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Сost of the operation

Сost of the operation

Сost of the operation

How do I know the final cost of the operation in VIRTUS?

The highest quality healthcare services of the and transparent pricing policy are the main priorities of the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS . “What will be the final cost of the operation?”, “What does it consist of?” are some of the most popular questions of our patients preparing for surgery.

At the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS, we strongly believe that each case requires an individual approach, so the cost of the operation is calculated separately for each patient, depending on the kind of requested services. The final cost of surgical intervention includes everything from doctor’s consultation to a rehabilitation program (if necessary) and postoperative examinations.

An important advantage of the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS is that the final cost of the operation will be known to the patient already at the stage of consultation with surgeon. The final amount of expenses is recorded in the patient’s memo card and does not change (unless the volume of the operation changes). The surgeon’s assistant supervises the patient, is in touch with him/her and answers all questions related to the operation.

Elements of the operation cost at the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS (the final cost is the sum of the points required in each individual case):

  • during doctor’s consultation the patient receives comprehensive information about his problem and possible surgical methods to solve it. In the case of plastic surgery (mammoplasty, rhinoplasty etc.), a computer simulation of the results of the operation is carried out. Also, the cost of the operation is calculated at the consultation, based on what services will be provided to the patient;
  • preoperative examination (laboratory tests, instrumental studies). Their list is determined individually for each patient and depends on the type of surgical service. Preoperative examination can be performed at the Institute of Advanced Medicine VIRTUS or another laboratory;
  • consultation of associated specialists (if necessary). For example, if you are going to have a nose job (rhinoplasty, rhinoseptoplasty), then in addition to consulting a plastic surgeon, you need to consult an ENT doctor;
  • anesthesia for the operation;
  • the cost of the surgical intervention itself. The price of the operation is determined by the doctor individually, depending on the specific case. Sometimes, in order to achieve the optimal effect of plastic surgery or surgical treatment, additional operations are necessary. The cost of surgical intervention also depends on the qualifications and experience of the surgeon;
  • the cost of staying in the postoperative recovery room. As a rule, after surgery under general anesthesia, the patient stays in the ward from 6 to 24 hours;
  • the cost of hospital stay. It depends on the number of days of stay (indicated by the doctor for consultations) and the class of the ward (single, double). The price includes food and medical supplies;
  • compression underwear (if necessary);
  • rehabilitation program. The number and type of procedures are determined by the doctor in each case individually.

The cost of the operation includes and does not require additional payment:

  • consultation with an anesthesiologist before surgery;
  • postoperative complex of procedures (if the patient is still in the clinic). It includes: bandages, suture removal, injections, IV placement, electrocardiogram;
  • a package of medicines for 3 days (provided to the patient at discharge, included in the cost of the operation);
  • postoperative examinations (after 1, 3, 6 and 12 months).

The price list of the clinic shows the cost of individual services: the surgical intervention itself, stay in the ward, anesthesia. Due to the fact that the final cost of the operation is known in advance, our patients do not incur any additional costs during and after treatment.

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