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Hepatic cirrhosis treatment

Hepatic cirrhosis treatment

Hepatic cirrhosis is a chronic progressive hepatic disorder leading to the cells death and their replacement with connective tissue. This disease is diagnosed mainly in the age group of patients from 40 years old and older. It is interesting to note that according to the statistics, males suffer from cirrhosis twice as frequently as females.

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Hepatic cirrhosis treatment

Among the causes of the development of this disease are:

  • unfavorable course of chronic hepatitis,
  • biliary and blood outflow obstruction from liver,
  • genetically mediated metabolic defects.

Liver cirrhosis manifests in various symptoms depending on etiology, stage of the disease and strength of the process. Such symptoms as: enlarged liver, nasal hemorrhage, temperature rise, skin itch, early saturation with food and the feeling of fullness, bloody vomit, sense of pain in the upper stomach, loss of weight, performance decrement and many others are present in most patients. In about 20% of patients the disease course is asymptomatic and can be diagnosed via autopsy when treating another gastroenterological disease.

Malfunction of such a vital organ as liver affects the whole organism life activity. There are signs of thinking and memory impairment, performance decrement, cardiovascular disorders, intimate life problems, gastric and duodenal ulcer as well as oncology diseases.


Conventional treatment of hepatic cirrhosis

The special difficulty of treating this pathology lies in the fact that hepatic function disorders lead to the «malperformance» of other vital organs and systems of human body, associated with a number of intercurrent diseases. Conventional treatment is based on long term pharmacotherapy, allowing to interrupt the disease progression, but without restoring the damaged tissues. At the same time the whole organism undergoes severe stress related to the medications effect. The most radical treatment method implies liver transplantation, but it is associated with various complications and risks.

Hepatic cirrhosis treatment with stem cells

Application of own stem cells opens wide possibilities in the treatment of hepatic cirrhosis and reconstruction of the damaged organ functions without the need of transplantation. When entering the human organism, patient’s own stem cells look for the «breakage» site and gradually begin to replace the damaged liver cells with themselves. New, healthy hepatic cells stimulate the natural recovery of normal function of this organ and normalization of the whole-body processes in general.

Tsepkolenko Vladimir Alexandrovich

Tsepkolenko Vladimir Alexandrovich

Head of VIRTUS Institute and SmartCell Biotechnology Company
Work experience (years): 46
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B; Kyiv, Kostiantynivska, 57
Bilenko Elena Dmitrievna

Bilenko Elena Dmitrievna

Work experience (years): 32
Patients are welcome at the following office address: Odessa, Sudnobudivna, 1B

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